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Project Impact

Monitoring on the use of lights and assessment carried out shows that the project has been instrumental in catering to the lighting needs of the girl children. For families who never had electricity in their homes, it represents a big improvement to their quality of life. The project has literally lighted up the lives of the girls and their families as they no longer have to live in darkness/dim lights.

Enabling Education

The girls along with her siblings are regularly using the LED lights to study in the evening. Their motivation to study has also increased because of the bright light. The lights are proving to be of immense help for the girls appearing for the 10th grade board exam as they have to put extra hours of studies in the late evening/night.

In spite of the fact that girls’ education in the region is riddled with multiple limiting factors, the provision of personal LED Lights has proved to be a huge source of encouragement and has intensified the achievement motivation of the benefitting girl children.

Safety of Girls & Women

Safety of girls & women has increased as they now use the LED lights whenever they go out in the evening. As majority of the households do not have toilets, the girls & women go outside with these lights. The parents feel that use of the lights has increased security for the girls.

“It’s a great relief! I used to feel so unsafe myself and also for my daughters to go out after dark. Now, we always use the LED light whenever we go out in the evening”, Ms. Sunita Devi, parent, Saharsa, Bihar

Increase in Savings

The families who are using battery operated LED lights, are saving more than Rs. 50 per month (approx. 600/yr). The savings are 100% i.e. Rs. 100 per month (approx. 1200/yr) for beneficiary families using solar rechargeable light. The savings are being utilized in meeting primary needs like food, health care, housing etc.

Empowerment of Girl Children

Girls being the beneficiaries, the programme is creating positive discrimination for girl children in the villages. The provision of LED Lights has sent out a strong message to the rural families, schools and community, establishing the importance of girl child education. This shall go a long way in changing the prevalent mindsets regarding educating the girls and challenging gender biases.

The Booklet on Girl Child Rights aimed at creating awareness about Girl Child Issues has increased the community’s knowhow. The girls are now aware of their rights, Constitutional Acts against evil practices like child marriage, dowry, female foeticide, child labour, child sexual abuse etc.

The information on Central & State Government schemes for girl children in the booklet is being used to apply for the relevant schemes and avail the benefits.

Creating a Positive Environment for the Girl Child

Street plays & Puppet shows were organized on stories revolving girl child rights, atrocities committed against them, awareness on constitutional provisions to protect the rights of the girl child and our role towards creating a positive environment for all round development of the girl children.

Pledge ceremonies were conducted in each school in which all students & teachers/staff of the schools took pledge to protect the rights of the girl children. This has created a positive environment for the girl children.

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